Resources: Herman-Chomsky propaganda model Deterring Democracy Necessary Illusions Year 501 Uncle Sam: Inoculating Southeast Asia Chomsky Mirror Site Chomsky Mirror Site The Noam Chomsky Archive Bad News: Noam Chomsky Archive German Propaganda Archive When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities New Seismic Data Refutes Official WTC Explanation Waiting for the U.S. to become an open fascist dictatorship is like waiting for the other shoe to drop Universal Declaration of Human Rights Some thoughts on dealing... The Social/Moral Liberal/Conservative Value Quadrant We are America An Annotated Critique of President George W. Bush's March 17 Address Preparing the Nation for War Legal Resources Ideology Resources The Ideology of American Empire Examples of Propaganda Study: Wrong impressions helped support Iraq war Examples of how U.S. media is censored -- and elections possibly rigged Bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, don't the Russians and the Chinese just LOVE IT? I. Wallerstein, 125, "What is Realism in Iraq?" Fernand Braudel Center, Commentaries Florida Fights Back - The Film ("It's not about Left vs. Right Politics -- It's about Right vs. Wrong") Primer on the year 2000 U.S. election fraud  673 Law Professors Say: By Stopping the Vote Count in Florida, The U.S. Supreme Court Used Its Power To Act as Political Partisans, Not Judges of a Court of Law 317 teachers of law from 87 law schools in the U.S. denounced the plans for war with Iraq Stan Goff | An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM t r u t h o u t Citizens for Legitimate Government Right Web, A Project of the Interhemispheric Resource Center Right Web News Interhemispheric Resource Center Kucinich for President -- Chomsky approves of Kucinich The Libertarian Party U.S. contempt for the Rule of Law Red Cross Report on U.S. human rights violations in Iraq Human Rights Watch: United States Video of U.S. sexual humiliation of prisoners Images of U.S. sexual humiliation of prisoners

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