Study: Wrong impressions helped support Iraq war, Knight Ridder Newspapers

Misperceptions, The Media and The Iraq War, October 2, 2003 Report by PIPA/KN

Content of the above PIPA/KN October 2, 2003 Report:
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                                                three polls, conducted over June through September
                                Links Between Iraq and Al Qaeda
page 3
                                                Perceived Iraq-Al Qaeda Relationship
                                                Saddam Hussein and 9/11
page 4
                                Evidence of Links to al-Qaeda
                                                Perception:  Evidence of Iraqi-Al Qaeda Link Found
                                Weapons of Mass Destruction
page 5
                                                Perception:  Weapons of Mass Destruction Have Been Found
                                                Perception:  Chemical and Biological Weapons Have Been Used
                                World Public Opinion
page 6
                                                Perception:   World Public Opinion on War With Iraq
                                                Perception: European Public Opinion on War With Iraq
                                Composite Analysis
                                                three polls, conducted in June, July, and August-September
page 7
                                                60% had at least one of these three unambiguous misperceptions
                                                8% had all three of the misperceptions
                                                Frequency of Misperceptions
page 8
                                POLLS OF WORLD PUBLIC OPINION ON THE IRAQ WAR
                                Misperceptions of Attitudes in the Islamic World
page 9
                                Misperceptions and Support for War
                                Links to al-Qaeda
                                                Pre-War (Feb 03) Approval for Unilateral Action and Beliefs About al Qaeda Links
page 10
                                                Support for War and Misperception of Evidence of Iraqi Links to al Qaeda
                                Weapons of Mass Destruction
                                                Support for the War and Misperception Iraqi WMD Found
                                World Public Opinion
page 11
                                                Support for War and Perceptions of World Public Opinion
                                Composite Analysis
                                                Support for War and Cumulative Effect of Misperceptions
page 12
                                Variations in Misperceptions According to Source of News
                                                Primary source of news
                                Composite Analysis
page 13
                                                Frequency of Misperceptions
                                                Number of misperceptions per respondent
                                                News Source vs. Average rate per misperception
                                Evidence of Links Between Iraq and Al Qaeda
                                                Evidence of Links Between Iraq and al-Qaeda
page 14
                                Weapons of Mass Destruction
                                                Weapons of Mass Destruction
                                World Public Opinion
page 15
                                                World Public Opinion
                                The Effect of Demographic Variations in Audience
                                                Fox viewers are more Republican
                                                PBS-NPR is higher in education and less Republican
                                                Looking just at Republicans
                                                Republican Fox viewers
                                                Republicans who get their news from PBS-NPR
page 16
                                                Average Rate of Misperceptions Among Republicans According to News Sources
                                Misperceptions According to Level of Attention to News
                                Evidence of Al-Qaeda Link
page 17
                                Weapons of Mass Destruction
                                World Public Opinion
                                Misperceptions According to Political Position
                                Support for the President
page 18
                                                Support for President and Frequency of Misperceptions
                                Evidence Of Al-Qaeda Link
                                                Support for President and 3 Key Misperceptions
                                Weapons of Mass Destruction
                                World Public Opinion
                                Party Identification
page 19
                                Political Bias Not Full Explanation
                                                Variation in Misperception by Support for President and News Source
                                Compounding Effects of News Exposure and Political Positions
page 20
                                                Exposure to News and Frequency of Misperceptions Among Bush and Democratic Nominee Supporters
                                Support for the War
                                                Exposure to News and Support for War Among Bush and Democratic Nominee Supporters
page 21

A few examples on how "misperceptions" arise

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